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My name is Hock Lai and I am an independent trader with trading portfolios in KLCI, FKLI, FCPO, Hang Seng, and stock options in the US. Apart from actively trading with technical analysis, I hold a few value stocks in my portfolio based on fundamental analysis.

I have been in the stock market since early 2000 but it was only since year 2013 that I embarked on a more systematic approach in stock trading by applying technical analysis (charting, indicators, trend, momentum) after attending a course on the same. I then realized that most successful people holds value stocks for years and makes fortune out of them. There I began my journey of picking up fundamental analysis skills by researches and lots of reading. Have a look here for some of the reading materials that I came across.

When come to stock trading/investing, there are wealth of resources out there, scattered across multiple websites with different complexity levels. My objectives of this website and the weblogs are to share the techniques and approaches that I take as part of my trading and investing journey. In my Value Stock Screening section for example, I share the quantitative, and qualitative measures that I usually use in screening a good stock for value investing. These are obviously not the ultimate ways of screening but they suit my need. Likewise, I have a section sharing about Technical Analysis (all about charting, candle sticks, indicators) that I use most of the time to obtain candidates for trading.,

I publish blog posts frequently on current financial market development and occasionally my stock pick either fundamentally or technically. If you do find website and blog useful, do follow me on Facebook or subscribe to the blog so that you won’t miss any future posting of mine. For exchange of ideas or any suggestions for improvement, kindly drop me an email at hocklai@financial-savvy.com.

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